A Multi-chain Interoperable Data and Access System for Healthcare

14:06 06/11/2023

The emergence of Blockchain technology has inaugurated a transformative era by its multifaceted advantages and wide-ranging applications across diverse industries. Nevertheless, while holding great promise, Blockchain encounters a significant challenge in achieving interoperability within the complex landscape of multi-blockchain ecosystems. The imperative necessity for seamless data and digital asset exchange is evident, yet it is accompanied by the escalating complexities of managing network entity identities dispersed across disparate systems resulting in a stark dearth of cohesive connectivity and agile interaction. Henceforth, in response to these challenges, we present 'MIDAS' as a captivating research endeavor aimed at fostering seamless interoperability among a multitude of blockchain networks. MIDAS acts as a key intermediary, skillfully facilitating cross-chain interactions, elevating user experience, and ensuring secure data access for authorized users. In order to augmenting this architecture’s prowess while also focusing on user-centric data control, we introduce a pioneering decentralized identity management system known as "Blockchain Interoperability Decentralized Identifier" (BIDI). BIDI offers a range of powerful features, including strict entity management, seamless connections, and customized data access controls for authorized users, with a focus on user-centricity and data ownership. In other words, our framework is a significant step towards improving the effectiveness and versatility of blockchain technology, breaking down barriers for harmonious coexistence among multiple blockchains.

The proliferation of connectivity through modern telecommunications has led to increased unwanted and disruptive calls. Such communications negatively impact user experience and trust in platforms. Currently, call filtering relies on centralized architectures that aggregate vast troves of sensitive user data within single entities, compromising privacy and ownership. Users have limited...