Medichain: A multi-chain based system for managing prescription medications using Zero Knowledge Proofs

12:50 29/03/2024

The abuse of prescription medications has become a severe public health crisis fueled by limited coordination and oversight across healthcare systems. Current frameworks lack interoperability between doctors, pharmacies, and regulators, enabling abusive practices like doctor shopping and pharmacy hopping. To address these issues, this research proposes Medichain, a novel multichain-based system to establish end-to-end transparency and provenance tracking for prescription medications. Medichain creates an auditable, tamper-proof ledger interconnecting doctors, pharmacies, and governing bodies through a decentralized multi-chain architecture. Powered by zero-knowledge proof, Medichain verifies prescription details and tokenizes records as non-fungible assets without compromising patient privacy. Additionally, by enabling private verification of credentials, Medichain introduces decentralization, coordination, and access control absent from traditional centralized tracking systems. This approach is further emphasized through extensive experiments demonstrating the ability to uphold transparency while preserving confidentiality across heterogeneous entities. Medichain ultimately mitigates prescription misuse by reconstructing fractured supply chains into an interoperable ecosystem fortified by cryptographic accountability. Our solution not only balances coordination with ethical information handling but also merits further exploration of this privacy-first approach.

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