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Hacking is all about curiosity, exploration, and deeply understanding how something works. Most people who identify as “hackers” are working very hard to protect people and to make technology easier and safer to use. Unfortunately, when most people hear or read about hacking in the news, the story is about people using hacking to do harm, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Career-wise, people skilled in hacking are highly sought out by companies looking to strengthen their cybersecurity. Computer security experts are in very high demand today, and often are paid six-figure salaries.


CTFs (short for capture the flag) are a type of computer security competition. Contestants are presented with a set of challenges which test their creativity, technical (and googling) skills, and problem-solving ability. Challenges usually cover a number of categories, and when solved, each yields a string (called a flag) which is submitted to an online scoring service. CTFs are a great way to learn a wide array of computer security skills in a safe, legal environment, and are hosted and played by many security groups around the world for fun and practice.


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Cảnh báo: Bài viết này có văn phong phóng khoáng, có chứa một số từ ngữ teen code, nếu bạn không quen teen code hãy làm quen trước khi đọc, và quay lại sau nhé .    From kzy with love <3 Cuối tuần định về quê bung lụa xong...
We’ve created a small guide to get you started with CTF and more or less infosec in general. There are a few selected resources for each of the major CTF disciplines that should help you get up to speed in those. Prerequisites Basic Linux/Unix skills and some knowledge of programming...
CTF ngày càng trở nên quen thuộc và gần gũi với các bạn học sinh, sinh viên có niềm đam mê học hỏi trên lĩnh vực an toàn thông tin. CTF dần trở thành một sân chơi bổ ích nhằm trau dồi, nâng cao khả năng và hiểu biết về...