UIT-ADF: A System for Android Device Forensics

13:28 07/11/2022

Today, Android mobile phones have shown their popularity with more than two billion users worldwide. Through the use of the application, the user’s personal data will be stored on the Android device. These data are especially important in digital investigation. The logical extraction method is one of the popular methods for data extraction on mobile devices. This method does not require expensive specialized hardware devices and can analyze the data easily. There have been many tools built on top of this approach, both free and paid. While free tools collect little information and limit many features, commercial tools require users to pay a sizable fee. In this paper, an information extraction tool on Android devices called UIT-ADF will be proposed. It is an open-source web-based data collection system. The results show that UIT-ADF allows easy use while providing features that current free tools lack.

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