Intrusion Detection with Big Data Analysis in SDN-enabled Networks

8:54 10/06/2022

Although Software-defined networking (SDN) is a promising architecture that simplifies network management and control, it also faces security problems that may affect the whole network. Hence, protecting strategies, such as intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS), are in need in the SDN context. The potential of machine learning-based solutions can become the motivation of cut-edge deep learning-based intrusion detection system that can leverage the centralized control and view of the controller to secure the underlying infrastructure. However, performing additional IDPS functions in the controller, which needs to process enormous traffic amounts, can overload this component, and slow down the network. This paper introduces an approach of Big Data analysis for intrusion detection system in SDN, named BIDSDN to enhance the classification perfor-mance with a massive amount of network traffic data. Specifically, we leverage Apache Spark to deploy the distributed deep learning – based detector to reduce the processing time on complex algorithms. The experiments conducted on CICIDS2018 dataset with distributed cluster prove the efficacy in tackling the Big Data-related issues in the large-scale network like SDN.