Enhancing Blockchain Interoperability Through Sidechain Integration and Valid-Time-Key Data Access Control

5:49 13/07/2023

Nowadays, in the realm of blockchain technology, a pressing challenge lies in the current lack of interoperability, which significantly limits its potential for innovation and advancement. However, the attainment of cross-chain interoperability is undeniable of utmost importance, as it holds the key to maximizing the network's computing performance, expanding storage capacity, and unlocking unparalleled scalability. Therefore, this research introduces a groundbreaking cross-chain architecture that tackles the challenge of interoperability and sharing capabilities, together with surpassing the limitations posed by previous interchain interaction systems. In the proposed system, interchain data transfer is revolutionized through the utilization of a Sidechain that incorporates a valid-time key (VTK) data access control scheme for the purpose of empowering the verification of blockchain data across multiple blockchain networks. In the realm of healthcare data exchange, our experiments unequivocally showcase the effectiveness of the proposed architecture in enabling seamless interchain communication and secure data transfer while ensuring the security and authenticity of the transferred information. Through the implementation of the VTK mechanism, our system establishes a robust defense against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities by tightly controlling access privileges, ensuring that only authorized parties are granted access within specified time limits.

The proliferation of connectivity through modern telecommunications has led to increased unwanted and disruptive calls. Such communications negatively impact user experience and trust in platforms. Currently, call filtering relies on centralized architectures that aggregate vast troves of sensitive user data within single entities, compromising privacy and ownership. Users have limited...