Detecting sensitive data leakage via inter-applications on Android using a hybrid analysis technique

13:44 26/06/2018

In this study, we present the uitHyDroid system, which allows the detection of sensitive data leakage via multi-applications using hybrid analysis. uitHyDroid uses static analysis to collect user interface elements that must interact to illuminate possible sensitive data flows. In addition, dynamic analysis is used to capture inter-application communications to link partial sensitive data flows from static analysis. This approach is faster than using only dynamic analysis. In this study, we use hooking technology to conduct dynamic analysis phase emulator modification. The experimental results show that the proposed system can detect most sensitive data leakages for both our dataset and real-world applications.

Across various industries, credential verification stands as a critical requirement, yet traditional approaches face limitations in security, privacy, and interoperability. Although recent blockchain innovations promise decentralization, deploying them independently in institutions creates data isolation. While there are theoretical frameworks, lack of practical studies achieving a balance between credential mobility and...