Android Security Analysis Based on Inter-application Relationships

9:35 29/06/2018

There is a large share market of Android operating system and the number of new malware on Android has a significantly upward trend in recent. The current studies identified a behavior that is dangerous or not by only analyzing each single application. In fact, there are many behaviors just discovered by analyzing on variety of applications which related to each other. This study proposes an inter-application analysis technique to detect sensitive data leakage. This technique allows to detect dangerous behavior which was not detected by using former techniques. The system, named IACDroid, was tested on DroidBench dataset and IAC Extended DroidBench datatset with the high accuracy. The authors create ten cases of inter-application communications to test the system. Besides the system was used to analyze over 1000 most popular applications on Android market. This study shows that there are many application groups in the real world. This groups perform sensitive data leakage by using inter-application communication.

Across various industries, credential verification stands as a critical requirement, yet traditional approaches face limitations in security, privacy, and interoperability. Although recent blockchain innovations promise decentralization, deploying them independently in institutions creates data isolation. While there are theoretical frameworks, lack of practical studies achieving a balance between credential mobility and...