A survey on Blockchain-based applications for reforming data protection, privacy and security

13:36 28/11/2018

Abstract— The modern society, economy and industry have been changed remarkably by many cutting-edge technologies over the last years, and many more are in development and early implementation that will in turn led even wider spread of adoptions and greater alteration. Blockchain technology along with other rising ones is expected to transform virtually every aspect of global business and individuals’ lifestyle in some areas. It has been spreading with multi-sector applications from financial services to healthcare, supply chain, and cybersecurity emerging every passing day.  Simultaneously, in the digital world, data protection and privacy are the most enormous issues which customers, companies and policy makers also take seriously into consideration due to the recent increase of security breaches and surveillance in reported incidents. In this case, blockchain has the capability and potential to revolutionize trust, security and privacy of individual data in the online world. Hence, the purpose of this paper is to study the actual cases of Blockchain applied in the reformation of privacy and security field by discussing about its impacts as well as the opportunities and challenges.


The abuse of prescription medications has become a severe public health crisis fueled by limited coordination and oversight across healthcare systems. Current frameworks lack interoperability between doctors, pharmacies, and regulators, enabling abusive practices like doctor shopping and pharmacy hopping. To address these issues, this research proposes Medichain, a novel multichain-based...