A Blockchain-Based Authentication and Access Control for Smart Devices in SDN-Enabled Networks for Metaverse

22:38 16/09/2022

Emerging with outstanding features in network management, Software Defined Networking (SDN) is considered as a flexible and efficient paradigm in the context of smart city including a massive number of heterogeneous devices. In the vision of Metaverse towards, SDN plays important roles for network orchestration to support interactive experience through smart devices. This study presents BlockBee, a Blockchain-based architecture for decentralized authentication and access control for smart devices in SDN-supported network for the Metaverse context. With the decentralization essence, the BlockBee strengthen the Metaverse application by enhance the security, reliability and trustworthy before every connection is set up.

The abuse of prescription medications has become a severe public health crisis fueled by limited coordination and oversight across healthcare systems. Current frameworks lack interoperability between doctors, pharmacies, and regulators, enabling abusive practices like doctor shopping and pharmacy hopping. To address these issues, this research proposes Medichain, a novel multichain-based...